10,000 square feet. The Altus cancer center is located just across the street from Jackson County Memorial Hospital and opened it’s doors in September 2008. The center provides medical oncology, radiation therapy, outpatient chemotherapy and laboratory services. Onsite physicians (medical oncologists and radiation oncologists)as well as nurses, therapists and a staff trained in outpatient cancer care provide a multidisciplinary team approach. The equipment and facilities are state of the art.

Following the patient’s diagnosis, and the development of a treatment plan, our experienced chemotherapy nurses and radiation therapists will provide treatment according to the directions of the patient’s physician.

Our new state-of-the-art linear accelerator that incorporates CT scanning for precise positioning of the radiation beam for better treatment location with less damage to surrounding tissues and chemotherapy rooms are available so that patients may rest comfortably while receiving treatments.

Dermatology Services also available in Altus.

The Altus Cancer Center offers both radiation therapy and chemo therapy in a healing and compassionate environment — Right Here Close to Home.

Altus Contact

1200 East Broadway
Altus, Oklahoma 73521

Tel: 580.379.6000
Fax: 580.379.6016