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Coordinates total nursing care for patients by assessment, nursing diagnosis, and patient care. Provides leadership by working cooperatively with ancillary nursing and other patient team personnel in maintaining standards for professional nursing practice in the clinical setting and participates in patient and family teaching. Patients cared for are receiving external beam radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The job will involve inpatient and outpatient services ranging from adolescent to geriatric age groups.

Currently licensed to practice in the state of Oklahoma has a Registered Nurse.

2 years of nursing experience, experience in Radiation Oncology nursing is preferred.


Acts as liaison between physician and patient.
• Should be available to assist patients with general questions about skin care, diet, fatigue, and treatment side effects as well as clarify any instructions given by the physician.


Completes a Nursing Assessment.
• Documents an initial nursing assessment along with periodic reassessments as a patient advances through the scheduled course of Radiation Therapy. Changes in condition will be documented in a complete, clear and concise manner along with being reported to the Radiation Oncologist.
• Ability to triage Radiation referrals.
• Monitor and follow-up possible side-effects, lab and vital signs with awareness of possible or probable side effects and needed intervention.
• Utilizes accurate documentation which includes signature and title, up-to-date charting, and approved abbreviations.
• Must be able to enter all pertinent patient history, vital signs, and updates into the Mosaiq computer system in order to keep the patient electronic medical record current.

Assist with the Performance Improvement Program.
• Provides input and assists in evaluating care rendering.
• Identifies, monitors indicators and appropriate criteria.
• Assists in follow-up and activities to correct non-compliance.

Implements Radiation Oncologist’s orders.
• Actively implements the Radiation Oncologist’s orders or consults with them on unfamiliar or questionable orders (allowing no misunderstanding or assumptions).

Assist the Radiation Oncologist with special procedures.
• Demonstrates competence in assisting the Radiation Oncologist with special procedures that are performed in the assigned clinical area.
• Explains procedures and treatment ordered to gain patients cooperation, allay apprehension, and promote compliance.

Provide direct patient care.
• Consistently demonstrates an ability to effectively utilize the prescribed nursing process when providing direct patient care.
• Implements nursing process in order to provide quality care based on assessed patient needs for identified age groups of assigned unit.
• Identifies Home Health care needs or options for alternative placement and support resources; initiates procedure for referral to discharge planner or social worker in accordance with established hospital policies.
• Maintains the dignity and confidentiality of the patient at all times.
• Provides patient safety through patient education.
• Reviews patient and family knowledge of disease, illness, and readiness to accept and learn about disease process, its implications and the care required for the patient at home.
• Work schedule is met and is on time; advance notice for absence or tardiness.

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