What kind of services do you offer?

At this time, the Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma offer consultations with a board-certified dermatologist and dermatology certified nurse practitioner to treat moles or lesions that are suspected for cancer. Certain procedures are available to treat those lesions.

The following are available for treatment at the Cancer Centers: keratoses, lip or eyelid lesions (excludes lesions in the mouth), moles, skin cancers, skin growths, and skin lesions.

What kind of services are not available?

The Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma dermatologists do not treat the following conditions: abscesses, acne, cellulitis, cysts, dermatitis, eczema, eyelash lesions, fungal infections, anything in the genital area, hair loss, keloid scars, lesions in the mouth, lichen planus, lipoma, lupus, nail problems, parasites, psoriasis, rashes, ringworm, rosacea, sarcoidosis, scabies, skin or hair disorders, skin tags, sexually transmitted diseases, vitiligo, and warts.

The following services are not available at the Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma: botox, chemical peels, dermabrasion, hair removal or restoration, injections, laser surgery, tattoo removal, and vein therapy.

What days are you available to see patients?

Dr. Wyatt and Marina Garrison are available in Lawton Monday and Wednesday for appointments and Thursday for procedures. They are available every other Tuesday at the Cancer Centers in Altus and Duncan.

Do I need a physician’s referral to make an appointment?

Yes, a physician referral is necessary.