Cancer Centers of SWOK
Cancer Centers of SWOK
Cancer Centers of SWOK

Oklahomans share a unique survivor’s spirit and a sense of pride. While every Oklahoma town and city is proud to be unique, there’s a common bond – a kinship of sorts. An attitude that says, “We’re in this together.”

For generations, Southwest Oklahomans have depended on Comanche County Memorial, Duncan Regional and Jackson County Memorial Hospitals for their healthcare needs. Now, patients with cancer can feel confident that the hospitals they’ve come to know and trust have joined together to bring state of the art cancer treatment right here at home. For people with a cancer diagnosis, this spirit of survival, combined with the strength and support of a community of family and friends, is critical. Above all, patients need access to the advanced medical treatments that give them the best opportunity to win the fight.

In true Southwest Oklahoma spirit, three community hospitals in three unique communities joined hands to make life better for those who face cancer treatment.

Together, Comanche County Memorial in Lawton, Duncan Regional in Duncan, and Jackson County Memorial in Altus combined their resources and expertise to create a new tradition in health care – Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma. With the construction of new facilities and expanded cancer treatment centers in each community, patients can receive the care they need close to home.

Each of our Cancer Centers features state-of-the-art technology and staffs who are experienced in all adult cancers and blood disorders. Every patient receives an individualized treatment plan, coordinated by a team of medical and radiation oncologist, certified technicians and therapists. And should a patient receive initial care outside the area, they can take comfort in knowing that they can receive their oncologist’s prescribed treatment with the personal care and support they need – without having to travel far from home.

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Patient Testimonials

Sharlene Wood

Roger Neal

Cody Harbin

Reenie Schultz


Chief Operating Officer
Board Members
  • Lane Hooton, Chief Operating Officer
  • Jay Johnson, Chairman, CEO of Duncan Regional Hospital
  • Brent Smith, Board President, CEO of Comanche County Memorial Hospital
  • Steve Hartgraves, Secretary, CEO of Jackson County Memorial Hospital
  • Richard Boatsman M.D.
  • John Zelbst J.D.
  • James McGouran M.D.
  • Harbour Whitaker
  • June Knight Ed.D.
  • John Root, M.D.